We are a established Company and approved by the State of Florida.
Members of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing and International Business Broker Association


Our office has a group of real estate professionals with extensive experience and degrees in the following fields: Administration, Brokers, Mortgages, Valuations, Investments, Credits, etc. We have advised hundreds of clients to make excellent investments in real estate, proving the safest and most profitable investment.

Our fundamental mission is to achieve customer satisfaction with the successful completion of the transactions, making them earn thousands of dollars.

We are experts with foreign investors, advising them on all legal, tax, administrative process of their properties, we assist with the buying process from their country, you can even purchase a new property without having to travel to the United States. We have a specialized legal department that will assist you in the whole process of buying and selling.

We have a Property Management department, which includes the whole process of tenant evaluation, Property Financials , Legal Process, in addition we take care of all maintenance of the property with a licensed contractor that is certified in these different areas (Air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, gardening etc).

Businesses and American Residence Businesses and American Residence
Buying or selling a business is an important decision that requires professional expertise in different areas of the process to  achieve the desired results. Our team is comprised of real estate agents with extensive knowledge in Business and Franchising, administrators and experts in finance and auditing accountants, lawyers specializing in real estate or immigration if the business requires you to obtain  a work visa.
Pre-Construction Projects Pre-Construction Projects
Investing in pre-construction properties allows  you to get a low purchase price at the time of the Investment, Make flexible payment during the development process and  a good profit value . It is important to note that many projects in the market, personalized advice for understanding and optimizing the resources of the investor, is key to choosing the best pre-construction potential.
Properties with Profitability Properties with Profitability
We offer professionally remodeled and rented properties in areas with good recovery with low taxes and living expenses that can provide a secure and stable profitability. It is basically a comprehensive solution where the strategy is that the investor begins to receive income from the first month of purchase, no repair costs and with the option to delegate administrative management that require rental properties.


Through a VIRTUAL MEETING ONLINE from home or your office one of out expert agents of FLORIDA REALTY WEALTH GROUP, will advise and clear any doubts in the meeting established
– Type of property

– Budget for your Investment

– Financing if required

– Your priorities: residence, vacation, profitability, valuation

We can present various alternatives of properties that match your profile and requirements.

Having been Selected with the opportunity, our office will coordinate a meeting with FLORIDA REALTY WEALTH GROUP in our  Miami or Fort Lauderdale offices . During the  visit the Purchaser will have the opportunity to learn general and specific aspects of the purchase and will clarify relevant questions.
Having clearly defined the type of property you are looking for an expert agent from FLORIDA REALTY WEALTH GROUP will accompany you to visit the different options that are fully adapted to your requirements in order to choose the most suitable and start the bidding process.
With advice from FLORIDA REALTY WEALTH GROUP a detailed market study will be prepared for you. This will  help us determine the price and conditions to process an  offer to seller The next step would be to present the offer to the seller, accompanied by proof of funds.  After reaching  an agreement  with both parties an initial deposit generally 10% of the value of the property will need to be placed under “escrow” (Escrow Trust Account ) of a title company regulated by the federal government, this is an intermediary agent guarantee is the transparency of the transaction and the security of your money.
Experts agents  from FLORIDA REALTY WEALTH GROUP will help you negotiate with the current owner of the property and according to market conditions, the best possible price and conditions for the purchase of your new investment in Florida.
Having agreed the conditions and terms of negotiation, the next process will be to  review and approve the state of the property (FLORIDA REALTY WEALTH GROUP recommends a licensed inspector to check the overall condition of the property). To double check that everything is in order, the sale contract will be firm and closing process begins. If any problems persits when reviewing the property we can negotiate the repairs with the seller   or canceled the purchase contract. The title company will refund your initial deposit of 10% . You can leave your deposit with the title agent  and proceed to find another property.
This is moment you have been waiting for, with advice from FLORIDA REALTY WEALTH GROUP and all the necessary documents  by the title company (responsible for conducting the legal study and ensure delivery of the property free of liens, debts, taxes, etc.) The closing is establishing and the legal transfer of assets and future commitments are made. The buyer shall be fully able to take possession of his new property.
When buying an  investment property, FLORIDA REALTY WEALTH GROUP is  specialized in property management .We’ll arrange all  the maintenance of your property such as Lawn Services, Plumbing,  and  take care of the whole process of renting, manage, maintain and protect your investments.

In accordance with the Immigration Law and Nationality Act (INA, for its acronym in English), there are 10,000 immigrant visas given each year for those eligible persons who wish to obtain permanent residence through a new investment.

Of the 10,000 investor visas ( EB-5 visas) available annually, 3,000 are for those who apply under a pilot program related to a “regional center” designated by the USCIS.

Regional center:

It is an entity, organization or agency that has been approved by the Federal Government. It focuses on a specific geographic area within the United States seeks to promote economic development through increased export sales, improved regional productivity, job creation and increased domestic capital investment.

Foreign investors must:

Demonstrate a minimum investment of US 500,000, and invest in a Regional Center Approved by the Federal Government The investor and his family can live and work anywhere in the United States.

Advantages for the investor:

Residence for the investor your spouse and all children under 21 who are not married unmarried children. Passive investment, does not require management activities everyday by the investor. Educational benefits including admission to universities at the same cost of US residents

No need for sponsorship

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Quality of Life and Security
There is a lifestyle for everyone, museums, performing arts centers, art galleries, professional sports, amazing places for shopping and endless beaches. And most important political and social security.
Real Estate Opportunities
The local market offers record affordability,  prices are cheaper per square feet larger than Latin American and European , tax breaks for foreigners, and recovery of its investment.
This tropical paradise has an average annual temperature of 76 ° F / 25 ° C and an average winter temperature of 66 ° F / 19 ° C. Do not forget about the more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year.
Top market for international buyers
While South Florida is the Number 1  market for international buyers throughout the US, Miami and Fort Lauderdale it is the largest real estate market in the world.
Miami and Fort Lauderdale has international fame and events for residents and tourists great cultural diversity, plays, concerts, sports, restaurants, the best clubs and bars in the  US making South Florida the number one  international destination.
World Trade Center
Miami and Fort Lauderdale are the gateway to the United States, a world center of business, exports and financial capital of America. The business climate is favorable for any investor Florida is number  21 in the  economy of the  world ranking. Brickell Miami’s financial district is known as Lower Manhattan.
Beautiful Beaches and Water Sports
Fort Lauderdale has 23 kilometers of Atlantic Ocean and 300 kilometers of waterways, earning the nickname “The Venice of America.” Miami has the famous beaches of Miami Beach and Art Deco District. Enjoy world-class fishing, diving, sailing, boating, kayaking, swimming, diving and other water sports throughout the year.
The City of the Rich and Famous
Miami and Fort Lauderdale in recent years has gained international renown to the point of overcoming major cities in the world and being located a worldwide favorite for millionaires as a place of residence and investment.
Economic development
The entire South Florida  has experienced steady growth for nearly 1500 to 200 families moving daily, Miami (Miami-Dade) and Fort Lauderdale (Broward). Currently these cities have  a large ongoing projects and planning as Miami  2025 and Fort Lauderdale 2035. The plans include plans to improve transportation systems, roads and quality of life that represents appreciation in the properties. Many of these plans are already underway according to the development of each city.
Seaport is the world's largest
Between the Port of Miami, Port Everglades and the (Fort Lauderdale) are the largest cruise passenger terminal in the world. Additionally the two ports are part of the most important ports of loading United States and the world.


The poperty management department will protect your investment, we will save you time and money. Our work policy is recognized by the highest degree of professionalism and honesty, and service quality in property management.

Our team has  experienced and qualified staff to solve any situation in ares such as maintenance, accounting, insurance, evictions etc.

Our office will find a prospect  tenant  (s) for  property (s) if required, our real estate agents are experts in renting properties within a fast turn around time , we conducted a thorough study of the tenants prospects (tenants),  run  credit history, personal references checked, bank references; employment in order to qualify and choose the correct tenant.

Once chosen the lessee is  perform ,  our office will coordinate the date the new tenant will move into the  property. Place an  inventory list of all the items inside the property inventory is performed to verify that everything is in order.

We protect your investment. In conclusion, we manage the property from the date of delivery of the property for a new tenant until the tenant moves out of the unit. Our office process release of security deposit. This happens with all tenants even with those already on the property.

Our services include:Provide monthly statements of income and expenses, Remit report administrative fees to the owner, provide an annual summary of expenses, , collection of rents, communication continues with the Lessee (tenant), payment of bills, provide solutions to owners, Monthly financial Reports, Inspections units and around, Coordination of maintenance repairs, renewal of leases, Inspection unit, Initiation legal proceedings if necessary for breach of Lessee.

Ten reasons for choosing Florida Realty Wealth Group as your management company.

We handle all necessary repairs to your property (s).
Satisfied customers in different countries around the world.
Honesty, Reliability and Compliance.
Zero stress.
Group of highly qualified professionals.
Immediate response to requirements of owners and tenants.
Comprehensive advice on all matters relating to their properties in the south east of Florida -United States.
Legal and tax advice.
Over US 800 million to foreign sales.


We are a real estate company legally incorporated in Miami, with a high focus on profitable investment, backed by major strategic alliances, led by experienced executives who are responsible for a team of partners with extensive knowledge and experience in the management buy - sell business established, profitable franchises, real estate investments that generate returns and / or recovery, and professional management of commercial and residential properties.
Jaime Velez – Broker and certified teacher
Investment property expert with emphasis on generating maximum profit, profitability and valuation, through a professional broker fully customized analysis.
Jaime Velez – Broker and certified teacher
Carlos Rivera – Business, Franchising and residence
Advice on buying - Sale of Business and franchises such as investment and / or including a work visa, American Residence in a few months, investing in projects approved by the government.
Carlos Rivera – Business, Franchising and residence
Ana Lara – Property Management
Professional management and maintenance of commercial and residential properties that optimize profitability dramatically, recovery and overall investor profits.
Ana Lara – Property Management
Matthew Militzok – Real Estate Lawyer
Specializing in Real Estate Law in Residential Area, Commercial, business corporations; legal expert advisor property management (renters, owners, condominiums).
Matthew Militzok – Real Estate Lawyer
Robert McConnell – Accounting and Taxes
full service financial analysis, inventory, accounting and tax Auditing Business and real estate investments, with a focus on projections of medium and long term.
Robert McConnell – Accounting and Taxes
Denise Ramirez – Information processing
Applied experience in the filtration and processing of information provided by the customer, to find excellent opportunities to help maximize their initial expectations.
Denise Ramirez – Information processing
Ricardo Troches – Remodeling & Repairing
Professional design and execution of all types of repairs and / or renovations estate with extensive knowledge of construction law and demanded by American inspectors code
Ricardo Troches – Remodeling & Repairing
Kenneth Ross – Private Banking and Financing
personalized financial study that allows for the best options bank or private financing for all types of investment, especially focused on foreign investors.
Kenneth Ross – Private Banking and Financing
Alina Darna – Exclusive and Luxury Properties
Specialist in luxury properties and high lifestyle, with access to the most exclusive projects in the best areas of South Florida. Professionalism and confidentiality guaranteed.
Alina Darna – Exclusive and Luxury Properties
Hoover Serna – Pre-construction and Valorizacion
personalized advice in pre-construction projects that maximizes the objectives of the investor, applying the extensive knowledge of the market and the legal process of contracts.
Hoover Serna – Pre-construction and Valorizacion


Our Mission in a Franchise investment market, established businesses and Real Estate with many variables and alternatives, is to ensure that international investors can access opportunities that allow them not only to obtain attractive returns, profitability and / or recovery; also provide a transparent process that generates peace and security.


We are ready to advise professionally with their investment. Let us save you time and money with a comprehensive and personalized advice, characterized by good communication and full transparency at every stage of the various legal, accounting, financial, administrative and migration processes.

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